Cool Companies: Alberta's Medical Devices & Technologies 2010

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Innovative opportunities to grow your business: Cool Companies is designed to be a business development tool to help senior-level business people quickly find innovative high tech products, companies, researchers and supporters. Please feel welcome to contact the people and companies profiled in this book to develop your own collaborative partnerships.

Starting from just above the cell and drug level, this Cool Companies industry guide focuses on the medical devices and technologies found in Alberta. Based on first-hand interviews with participants, this guide profiles 93 companies, 30 supporters, and a sample of 35 researchers. The impressive collection of world-class innovators include priMED, TENET Medical Engineering, Imaging Dynamics (IDC), NUCRYST Pharmaceuticals, and Calgary Scientific to name a few.

Huge industry growth: The data we collected through our hands-on research in preparing this book shows that Alberta’s medical devices and technologies industry in 2008 had 93 companies, 1,632 employees.