Cool Companies: Alberta's Advanced Technologies 2013

Electronics Design & Manufacturing

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This Cool Companies industry guide also contains a sample of 15 companies offering electronics design, engineering and contract manufacturing services. During the development of this guide, we talked to some of these companies and we discovered a few interesting things that made us decide to create a special chapter highlighting them:

  • Many of them have world-class services, including expertise in wireless, micro technology (Norcada p.88, pictured right), embedded systems and next generation vehicle design (Motive Industries p.88). They have earned the long term trust of some really impressive large international clients that include NASA and Fortune 500 companies. These companies are eager to find and work with more clients around the world.
  • These companies wanted North American hardware product-based companies to understand that you don’t have to go to Asia to get your product manufactured at a good price anymore. The tide has shifted and companies need to adjust their thinking. On page 87 we breakdown the details of this thinking.
  • Some of the equipment manufacturers profiled in the industry guide use the services of the contract electronics design and manufacturing companies, but often didn’t know about all the options available in Alberta. 

This chapter contains a sample of some of these companies which are organized into 3 categories:

  • New Product & Engineering Companies
  • Contract Electronics Manufacturing
  • Electronic Product Testing

New Product & Engineering Companies

Advanta Design Group
Specialty: Design for casing enclosures for electronic products (e.g. design for plastic injection moulding, castings, sheet-steel or extrusions)
Industries: High-tech, industrial, consumer, and transportation
In their words, this is What makes them special: “We love great design and all the details that go with it. We focus on the enclosure portion of products from the idea stage to a ready-tomanufacture, revenue-generating product.”
Sample Clients: Several clients with wireless and GPS products in North America including Blackline GPS (p.46) in Alberta
Stats: 10 employees, 1992 founded, 35% exports
Contact:, Kent Davidson, President & Founder, 403.547.7159 x 222, Calgary,

Au-Zone Technologies
Specialty: Turnkey product development for embedded electronic devices especially complex industrial and video/
Industries: Industrial (oil and gas, security, utilities & avionics), high end consumer/professional
In their words, this is What makes them special: “Flexible engagement model and seasoned design staff each with many years of experience bringing products to market with these technologies.“
Sample Clients: Small start-ups to large Fortune 100 companies.
Stats: 10 employees, 2001 founded, 20% exports
Contact:, Brad Scott, President & Co-Founder,, Calgary, 403.261.9985

Specialty: Design wireless and wired electronic systems for low power, hazardous, and extreme environments
Industries: Oil and gas, avionics, security
In their words, this is What makes them special: “We are easy to work with and like to develop long term relationships with our clients.”
Sample Clients: Oil and gas exploration and service companies, pipeline, telecomm and power service companies; aviation support companies.
Stats: 13 employees, 1984 founded, 25% exports
Contact:, Ken Mouratidis, President,, Calgary, 403.275.7346

Motive Industries
Specialty: Design, engineering and prototyping of advanced realworld transportation solutions
Industries: Transportation
In their words, this is What makes them special: “We work with advanced materials (including biocomposites) and new
manufacturing technologies that accelerate project development, reduce cost and decrease time to market.”
Sample Clients: Over 200 major vehicle development projects around the world
Stats: 5 employees, 2004 founded, 80% exports
Contact:, Nathan Armstrong, Director & Co-Founder,, Calgary, cell: 403.826.2605, 403.236.3133

Murandi Communications
Specialty: wireless products, modules and designs Industries: Resources management (water, energy, forestry,
mining), M2M, broadband wireless
In their words, this is What makes them special: “Longest range, lowest energy consuming wireless monitor/control. Best
performing broadband RF (radio frequency) solutions.”
Sample Clients: Suppliers of industrial and commercial controls, wireless meter reading, medical telemetry, 4G infrastructure
Stats: 13 employees, 1992 founded, 65% exports
Contact:, Mike Patterson, Business Manager,, Calgary, 403.777.9988

Specialty: Design, prototyping and fabrication of tiny 3D electromechanical devices (MEMS) used for sensors and other industrial products
Industries: Suppliers to oil and gas, telecom, scientific analysis, industrial sensors and applications
In their words, this is What makes them special: “In MEMS design and innovation we are leaders in Canada. More than 80%
of business is from repeat clients.”
Sample Clients: Leading manufacturers of instruments for scientific and industrial applications, national laboratories
Stats: 6 employees, 2001 founded, 85% exports
Contact:, Graham McKinnon CEO & Co-Founder, 780.431.9637, 1.877.431.9636, Edmonton,

SignalCraft Technologies
Specialty: Wireless, precision analog, programmable logic and embedded controllers
Industries: Telecommunications, microelectromechanical (MEMS) based solutions, test and measurement, industrial monitoring and
In their words, this is What makes them special: “85% of our business comes from repeat customers. Most team members have
over 15 years experience delivering products into manufacturing. We support our customers from the conceptual phase, through
design and testing, and into production.”
Sample Clients: Fortune 500 companies, National Instruments (test control and embedded design applications), Phoenix
Contact (electric connection and industrial automation)
Stats: 21 employees, founded 1999, 70% exports
Contact:, Bernard Gobeil, President/Co-Founder, Calgary, 403.275.3883

Tyler Research
Specialty: Design and development of advanced equipment
Industries: Medical, biomedical, industrial, environmental, scientific research
In their words, this is What makes them special: “We find
elegant working solutions to difficult engineering problems
and perform small quantity manufacturing runs.“
Sample Clients: Treating microbiologically induced corrosion in industrial fuel lines. Creating tools and chambers for the directional growth of neurons. Designing and manufacturing prosthetics, orthotics and mobility-assisting devices.
Stats: 10 employees, 1986 founded, 90% exports
Contact:, Dr. Jonathan Tyler, President & Founder, Edmonton, 780.448.1249

Contract Electronics Manufacturing

August Electronics
Specialty: Industrial oil and gas instruments.
Industries: Oil & gas, telecommunications, mobile
In their words, this is what makes them Special: “We have the experience to fully appreciate and understand our customer’s needs and the flexibility to shape our resources to most effectively meet those needs. Consistently ranked among Profit’s Fastest Growing Companies in Canada. Annual sales of $42 million.“
Sample Clients: World’s leading provider of data management systems for land and offshore drilling rigs.
Stats: 150 employees, 1991 founded, 66,000 ft2 plant, 30% exports
Contact:, Calgary, Jack Francis, CEO & Co-Founder, 403.273.3131

Control Innovations
Specialty: Oil and gas well drilling and servicing instrumentation and controls
Industries: Oil and gas, petrochemical, transportation, mining
In their words, this is what makes them Special: “Control Innovations delivers exceptional customer service with integrity,
quality and flexibility to meet our customers’ needs.”
Sample Clients: North America’s leading oil and gas well service companies. North America’s largest drilling instrumentation
Stats:43 employees, 2000 founded, 21,000 ft2 plant, 30% exports
Contact:, Doug Keller, President,, Calgary, 403.720.0277 x 101

Dynamic Source Manufacturing (DSM)
Specialty: Complete turnkey electro-mechanical assembly, from prototype to high volume, high complexity
Industries: Telecommunications, oil and gas, medical, military, industrial
In their words, this is What makes them special: “Partnering with our clients as an extension of their business encourages open communication and collaboration at multiple levels and compliments DSM’s flexible, customized manufacturing solutions.“
Sample Clients: Leaders in telecommunications, oil and gas down-hole
Stats: 100+ employees, 2000 founded, 30,000 ft2 plant, 10% exports
Contact:, Calgary, Kelly Adolph, Business Development Manager,, 403.516.1888

LogiCan Technologies
Specialty: Medium volume, high mix robotic manufacturing of electronic medical, military, commercial and industrial products
Industries: Medical devices, military, automotive, communications, industrial controls
In their words, this is what makes them Special: “Team approach for cradle to grave accountability so nothing falls between the
cracks. We add value at every step so customers can focus on selling products and engineering new ones. We are adaptive to rapid changes.”
Sample Clients: Large medical equipment brand. First international automotive contract started. Electronic assemblies for industrial welding equipment. In Alberta, Cleankeys (p.33).
Stats: 200 employees, 1992 founded, 55,000 ft2 plant (+ MORE plant space opening in 2013), 75% exports
Contact:, Warren Sheydwasser, Director of Business Development,, office: 780.450.4467, cell:780.405.9911

Trilogy Net
Specialty: Fast prototyping and medium volume production
Industries: Telecommunication, oil and gas, military, medical, high end audio
In their words, this is what makes them Special: “We invest in people, equipment and culture. Our focus is supporting our
clients to be successful.”
Sample Clients: Many different electronics industry. Leading semiconductor electronics product companies. Multinational oil and gas companies.
Stats: 40 employees, 1999 founded, 15,000 ft2 plant, 35% exports
Contact:, Trevor Pullishy,, Calgary, 403.219.8868×225

Electronic Product Testing

Applied Test Systems (ATS)
Specialty: Electronic product compliance test services per regulatory and industry standards (pre-compliance testing available, compliance testing starts Feb 2013)
Industries: Electronic products from any industry including commercial, military, medical, avionics and oil and gas.
In their words, this is what makes them Special: “We are the only wireless regulatory compliance testing facility up to 18 GHz in
Western Canada.”
Sample Clients: Designers and manufacturers of any type of electronic product
Stats: 5 employees, 2012 founded, 2,500 ft2 fa cility, 0% exports
Contact:, Trung Nguyen, General Manager & Founder, Trung@, Calgary, 403.708.0559

DVT Solutions
Specialty: Diagnostic testing and design improvement of electronic products, power lines emitting unwanted electromagnetic (EM) energy or are sensitive to it. Similar services for antenna, lightening and product safety.
Industries: All electronic products including wireless, military, communications, consumer and industrial electronics, avionics
In their words, this is what makes them Special: “We are a single stop radio frequency (RF) resource center for debugging and design. We have developed a new product to predict EM energy produced by electronics within a 3 metre perimeter. It complements the products from EMSCAN (p.68).“
Sample Clients: Electronic product designers, power utilities
Stats: 4 employees, 2001 founded, 2,400 ft2 fa cility, 10% exports
Contact:, Adiseshu (Adi) Nyshadham, President & Founder,, Calgary, 403.668.4252

Mini Analysis: Is Manufacturing Offshore Still the Right Option? Chapter Excerpt [HTML] [High Res PDF] [Web PDF]

Read PDF version that appeared in the Cool Companies industry guide [High Res PDF] [Web PDF]

Explanation of Terms [HTML]