Cool Companies: Alberta's Advanced Technologies 2013

Enterprise Solutions Companies

Excerpt from Cool Companies www.coolcompanies.caResearch and development by Cool Companies industry guides February 5, 2013
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Enterprise solutions help companies and organizations improve their business operations, helping them work smarter and be more productive. In this Cool Companies industry guide we have found and profiled 38 companies in Canada’s province of Alberta with innovative, world-class enterprise solutions. We have grouped these products into customer interactions, training & education, productivity, and connectivity & networking.
One of the most famous of these companies is SMART Technologies (p.44, pictured left) that designs and produces interactive whiteboards that are found in many schools and businesses. An interactive whiteboard is like a giant touch-sensitive computer screen that combines the functionality of a whiteboard, projector and computer. SMART launched the world’s first interactive whiteboard in 1991 and has grown to be a market leader with 900 employees in Calgary and 90% exports worldwide.

We have also identified many companies with products and services that are still relatively new to the world:
Hookflash (p.48, pictured right) that allows people to share high definition video conference, voice calls and texting with people in their LinkedIn network.

PureWeb (p.56) has found a way to convert business software into web, cloud and mobile applications, without sacrificing performance or security, through a process that takes days instead of years.

Userful (p.57) is helping businesses, which include Fortune 500 companies, make huge cost cuts in desktop hardware, computer management and electricity. 

Inkdit (p.49) enables a business’ clients to electronically sign simple everyday non-negotiated contracts like waivers, NDAs and leases, which makes this paperwork easier to manage.

Mover (p.55) has made it very simple and easy to transfer big volumes of data to and from cloud service providers.

Medical Imaging


Revolutionizing the way wine is sold online

Selling wine directly to consumers is the most profitable way for wineries to make money. Based on their first-hand experience starting and growing into one of the largest wine clubs in Canada, Blacksquare developed a wine-specific e-commerce platform called Blackboxx to fuel their operations. Now used around the world by global wineries, regional wineries, retail stores, wine clubs and wholesale distributors as well, Blackboxx helps them profitably sell their wine online, and simplifies both the back-end and front-end of their business. For example, it engages customers about their wine experience, which encourages a relationship, and leads to increased repeat business and customer insights. Blackboxx helps its clients mine this information for marketing trends. Blackboxx is quick to set up, adaptable, requires zero upfront costs and is sold as a service with a small per transaction flat cost, starting at $1.49.
Company: BlackSquare, and, 11 employees, founded 2010, 75% exports to Australia, China and Hong Kong, Early Revenue Stage, revenue/investor funded,
#303, 605-11th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta T2R 0E1, 403.648.9094, 1.855.77.BLACK
Service: Cloud-based, turn-key e-commerce platform for wine & spirits
Growth Strategies: Seek expansion into existing and new markets: US, Germany, New Zealand, Europe, Russia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil

Contact:Matthew Protti, CEO & Co-Founder,, 403.648.9094


Global leader in crowdsourced market intelligence

Crowdsourcing harnesses the wisdom of a digital community (the crowd) to elicit insights which can make significant advances in the design of new products or services—such as shortening time to launch and increasing the market success of innovations. Using an advanced social software platform and deep knowledge of crowd behaviour, Chaordix manages and engages a focused crowd—which might be a brand’s fans, customers, prospects, supply chain or employees. Not-for-profit organizations can also engage their affinity groups and communities of interest. The crowd’s ideas are collected, evolved, rated and ranked to reveal the strongest ones and best contributors. A crowdsourcing pioneer, Chaordix has become the market leader with clients that include Procter & Gamble, IBM, FutureBrand, Reckitt Benckiser and American Airlines. Chaordix has also teamed up with KPMG in the UK to offer crowdsourcing services to KPMG’s clients.
Company: Chaordix inc,, 22 employees, founded 2009, 90% exports primarily to EU and US, Early Growth Stage, investor/revenue funded, offices in London, New York and Boston, Headquarters: Suite 313, 1240 – 20th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 1M8, 403.263.2655, 1.877.263.7775

Service: Crowdsourcing platform & services to drive market research, brand loyalty and innovation
Growth Strategies: Seek more clients and strategic marketing partnerships
Contact:Shelley Kuipers, CEO & Founder,, 403.263.2655. Shelley was part of the Successful Exit Stormworks (p.95).

eThor Media

Linking the online-to-offline world for retailers and customers

Most purchases are still made in physical stores. This means there is still a huge gap between the online world and the world of local retailers. For example, lots of restaurants have websites but don’t have online menus that allow you to order food online or through a mobile phone. Using an innovative and integrated approach, eThor is making this connection, not just for restaurants, but any retailer. eThor’s platform allows retailers to create and manage online promotions and content that drive purchase transactions which are directly linked to the retailers point of sale (cash register, aka POS) so they can keep track of everything. As an example of the impact of engaging and communicating directly with customers online, in just 9 months, the 30 store pizza chain Garlic Jim’s, increased online sales by 76% ($1.37 milion) and doubled its online customer base.
Company: eThor Inc.,, 20 employees, founded 2010, Early Revenue Stage, 95% exports to US, Central America and EU, investor/revenue/grant funded, 1528 – 16th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T3C 0Z8, 403.668.9931

Product: Online ordering and marketing tool for retailers

Growth Strategies: Seek to work with more retailers, distributors and other companies that can contribute in the value chain

Contact:Kevin Dahl, Director of Business Development,, 403.978.2840


Innovation leader in big data analytics for e-commerce

Online retailers spend vast amounts of money driving traffic to their stores from Google and other sources. Yet less than 3% of these visitors purchase anything. Granify has found a way to dramatically increase this number by using cutting edge machine learning and data mining technology. Online stores install software that enables Granify to collect data on the behaviour of the on-line stores’ shoppers. Granify analyzes this data in real time to predict when a shopper is at risk of not purchasing, and how to best motivate the shopper to make a purchase. Granify then automatically takes action to close the sale. For example, if a shopper is at risk of abandoning their shopping cart due to shipping costs, Granify may show an offer of free shipping if the shopper increases their order size slightly. Granify licenses its software on a monthly subscription basis.
Company: Granify Inc.,, 7 employees, founded 2011, Early Growth Stage, 90% exports primarily to US, investor/revenue funded,  10248 – 106 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1H7 (got a new address early 2013), 780.953.3338, 1.888.340.8429
Service: Platform for customer behavioural data analytics for e-commerce

Growth Strategies: Seek to work with more online stores, developers and investors

Contact:Jeff Lawrence, CEO & Co-Founder,, 780.953.3338.
Granify’s Co-Founder & Big Data Engineer, Shawn Wang, was the Big Data Research Engineer at Successful Exit Tynt p.97

SPLICE Software

Innovation leader in personalized human voice messaging

As an alternative to talking to a human being or to a machine with a robotic voice, SPLICE is a pioneer in humanizing digital interactions. SPLICE technology gives companies the ability to digitally message their customers, while making those interactions personalized to the customer, relevant, able to take voice input and pleasant to hear through linguistically optimized human voice audio. It makes it a lot closer to a real conversation, except it’s not as expensive as a live person and it gives a significantly more impressive image about a company’s brand than a robot or human word library slammed together. Clients currently using SPLICE are financial institutions, insurance companies and retailers, however it is applicable to any company with a large volume of customers. With cars and touchscreens where you can interact already by voice, there is also great potential for new types of smart conversations between humans to machines as well.
Company: SPLICE Software Incorporated,, 18 employees, founded 2006, over 50% exports to US and UK, High Growth Stage, revenue/bootstrapped funded, #220, 6125 – 11 Street SE, Calgary, Alberta T2H 2L6, 403.720.8326, 1.855.677.5423
Service: Cloud-based, personalized conversation with data-driven dialogue

Growth Strategies: Seek more clients and reseller partnerships worldwide

Contact:Tara Kelly, President, CEO & Founder,, 403.720.8326

Touch Metric

Pioneering leader in making it easy to collect data in person via a mobile device

Touch Metric has made in-person surveys done by paper and clipboard history. Now using a mobile device instead for data collection, you can see data results in real-time. The activities of waiting for data to be transferred from paper or paying for data input are eliminated as are additional input errors. Used by forward-thinking Fortune 500 companies and startups around the world, Touch Metric is used for market research studies, all types of inspections, and consumer experience interviews at tradeshows and events. The technology also has the ability to capture a picture associated with a survey, a GPS location and time stamp and reporting. The service starts at $25 per month.
Company: Touch Metric,, 2 employees, founded 2009, 80% exports worldwide, Early Revenue Startup, bootstrapped/revenue funded, 10363-104 Street, Building B, 3rd Floor, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1B9, 1.877.494.0827

Service:In-person data collection via mobile device
Growth Strategies: Seek more customers and partnerships with big market research and inspection companies

Contact:Cam Linke, CEO, or Sean Healy, President & Founder,, 1.800.494.0827

Training & Education

Christie Communications

Canadian leader in custom interactive media and eLearning

Christie Communications designs and produces custom education and training materials on a wide range of content for business applications. For example, Christie Communications has developed an animated, interactive on-line course (pictured) to train over 100,000 Alberta Health Services’ staff and physicians on how to respond to emergency response codes. Christie Communications has also developed security eLearning for World Vision International, the largest non-governmental organization in the world. This program is delivered in English, French, and Spanish, and the Christie Communications’ team has also produced materials in Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, and Arabic. The company has an understanding of the complexities of providing eLearning for learners whose first language is not English, and is also known for their ability to work with gender equality and cultural diversity issues.
Company: Christie Communications Ltd.,, 16 employees, founded 1980, 25% exports with clients located around the world, Market Leader, revenue funded, Suite 530, 10909 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3L9, 780.424.4433
Service: Custom interactive media and eLearning
Growth Strategies: Seek more clients around the world
Contact: Alexis MacMillan, President,, 780.424.4433

Culture Connectivity

Videogame-based cultural development for a more worldly view and better results

What does it take to have a global perspective? Understanding and respecting cultures different from your own are a big part of it. Values, beliefs, attitudes and conventions form the basis of all cultures, and being aware of one’s own culture as just one of many allows us to communicate on the global stage. Culture Connectivity is a pioneer in creating meaningful environments that demonstrate the cultural differences that exist, and that might impact workplace productivity and results. Culture Connectivity allows learners to safely explore common misunderstandings and helps them develop the necessary attitudes and behaviours to interact and build trust with those of other cultures. Culture Connectivity’s first product makes it easier for teachers and government representatives raised with western perspectives to live in Canada’s north, and to respectfully engage with the First Nations Dene culture. This product platform can be customized to other indigenous cultures around the world. The company is also working on a product to help expats understand how to work with and lead people of other cultures. Its products are delivered as a cloud-based web service.
Company: CultureConnectivity Inc.,,
3 employees, founded 2012, self/revenue funded, Early Revenue Stage, 4940 – 87 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5W3, 780. 432.5779

Products: Cultural awareness training to increase productivity and results

Growth Strategies: Seek more clients and opportunities to develop new products

Contact: Rodney Reid, Co-CTO,,
780. 432.5779 x 202


New recognition system helps nurture employee engagement

Companies with highly engaged employees are more profitable. Employee engagement translates to team members that are more productive, innovative and collaborative which translates to better products, service and customer satisfaction. The resulting lower absenteeism, improved retention, and reduced recruitment costs also impact the bottom line. Kudos is a new tool to enhance employee engagement. It allows leadership and peers to send Kudos, which is recognition and feedback, to other team members for a kind gesture, job well done or major accomplishment. The recognition can be public or private, and a company can select to link the kudos to points, making it a game or a reward program. Kudos is also a corporate social network. Like Facebook, leadership and peers can use Kudos to share information and enhance communication that supports the organization’s goals and values. Kudos is free for companies with less than 10 employees. For larger companies, it starts at $49 per month plus $1 per user. Kudos’ clients are from a wide range of industries.
Company: Kudos Inc.,, 9 employees, founded 2010, product sold worldwide, 70% exports, Early Revenue Startup, investor/revenue funded, Suite 431, 3553 – 31st Street, Calgary, Alberta T2L 2K7, 403.351.1701

Product: Recognition system for employee engagement
Growth Strategies: Seek investors, marketing partners and resellers
Contact: Tom Short, President and Co-Founder,, 403.351.1701 x 101

ShirWin Knowledge

North American expert in building tools to improve learning experiences

How often do you go to a training course and never use what you have learnt? It happens frequently. What one knows from the classroom rarely translates directly into daily life. ShirWin works with corporations and educational institutions to develop immersive virtual environments that support learners across this knowing-doing gap. ShirWin’s virtual experiences use the latest research evidence and proven instructional methods to promote greater understanding and integration of learning and practice. ShirWin is also developing its first platform for other developers of e-learning and training courses. It is one of the world’s first serious game engines that integrates skills-based training and professional development, and that emphasizes the interpersonal aspects of workplace interactions.

Company: ShirWin Knowledge & Learning Systems Inc.,, 10 employees, founded 2000, revenue funded, high growth stage, 4940 – 87 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5W3, 780.432.5779

Products & Service: Custom learning applications
Growth Strategies: Seek more clients and partners
Contact: Debra Greig, President & Founder,, 780.432.5779

SMART Technologies

World leader in interactive whiteboards for inspired collaboration

Like a giant, touch-sensitive computer screen, an interactive whiteboard combines the functionality of a whiteboard, projector and computer. SMART Technologies created the world’s first interactive whiteboard in 1991 and has become a market leader in interactive display technologies, with a variety of products to suit different room dynamics and audiences. SMART products are well-known in schools, which is the source of about 80% of the company’s revenue. Less known is that the other 20% comes from business and government users, and these users are expanding rapidly. Business users are particularly interested in SMART’s collaborative software that enables teams to have richer meeting experiences that inspire better decision making, greater participation and more efficient meetings and faster outcomes. SMART products work seamlessly together and some products can also be used with iPads and smartphones, so users have the convenience of using their own devices. SMART’s 2011 revenue was $754.8 million.
Company: SMART Technologies Inc.,, 900 employees in Calgary (1,500 total worldwide), founded 1987, Market Leader, 90% exports worldwide, publicly traded (NASDAQ:SMT, TSX: SMA), offices around the world, headquarters: 3636 Research Road NW, Calgary, Alberta T2L 1Y1, 403.245.0333

Product: Interactive displays with collaboration enabling software
Growth Strategies:Seek more business customers and continued penetration in classrooms around the world

Contact:Marina Geronazzo, Manager of Public Relations,, 403.407.5088

Xpan Interactive

Canada’s leader in elearning for technical subjects

Xpan develops online training courses and apps that are technical in nature for middle to large size companies and organizations in public transportation, oil and gas and healthcare. For example, Xpan developed several online course series on the maintenance, operation and safety of light rail systems for numerous transit agencies across North America (pictured). For the oil and gas industry, Xpan developed a full 3D course to help engineers at Husky Energy understand the geological story of how gas and oil were created in Alberta starting 120 million years ago. Xpan has also develop eLearning for well operations, corporate policies and ethics for oil and gas clients. For healthcare, Xpan worked with Vecova and WorkSafe Alberta to develop front line courses for medication administration, fall protection and hazard assessment.
Company: Xpan Interactive Ltd.,, 18 employees, founded 2001, High Growth Stage, 55% exports primarily to US, revenue funded, #475, 3553 – 31st Street NW, Calgary, Alberta T2L 2K7, 403.208.3848, 1.877.700.9726

Service: Online training courses and apps
Growth Strategies: Seek more clients and partners
Contact: Ron Thiele, President & Founder,, 1.877.700.9726

Yardstick Software

Canada's leader in fair and defendable online testing and training

Creating a good quality test is a challenge. There is even a science to it (psychometrics). A good quality test with psychometric foundation must properly cover the material, be fair so that any individual who takes the test does not feel discriminated against and be legally defensible. Yardstick Software helps its clients create quality tests that are fair, sound, and defensible, and its technology platform serves to administer all aspects of online testing and training for a reliable, convenient and hassle-free experience. Yardstick’s clients are licensing and certification bodies that administer exams for professions such as pharmacists, nurses, dental hygienists, real estate agents, and financial regulatory organizations. In this case, designing a quality test also means protecting public interest. Corporations, governments and associations also do testing and training using Yardstick’s robust delivery system. With 2011 revenue of $5.9 million and 643% five-year growth, Yardstick was #73 on PROFITs Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies list and ranked #176 on Deloitte & Touche Technology Fast 500 list.

Company: Yardstick Software Inc.,, 27 employees, founded 2005, High Growth Stage, 35% exports to US and EU, revenue funded, second office in Toronto, Headquarters: Suite 200, 8616 ­ 51 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 6E6, 780.409.5606, 1.866.793.4820

Service: Online testing and training software, and psychometric services
Growth Strategies: Seek more clients and partners in regulated industries worldwide
Contact: Chris LaBossiere, Co-CEO & Co-Founder,, 780.409.5606



Helping engineers find files they need anytime, anywhere, any device

All engineers across all market sectors rely on massive amounts of documents and files—like drawings, CAD files, reports, standards and specifications—to do their work. AwareBase makes it simple for engineers to find the files they need, manage file versions and control access in a collaborative global team environment. AwareBase’s secure and scalable engineering electronic document management system is used by engineers in small and midsize businesses to find the files they need on their desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone in the office, on the road or at the job site! AwareBase’s file management solutions are used by engineers across a range of industries including architecture, engineering, construction, aerospace & defense and oil & gas.
Company: AwareBase Corp.,, 80 employees (20 in Canada/60 in India), founded 2004, exports started late 2012, Early Growth Stage, revenue/

bootstrapped funded, 4118-93 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5P5, 780.988.8862

Products: Affordable file management for engineers
Growth Strategies: Seek direct and channel sales through partners with complementary services or product offerings for engineers

Contact:Steven Gentles, CEO & Co-Founder,, 780.988.8862

Blackline GPS

North American leader in wireless employee safety monitoring, surveillance and security

Combining GPS with wireless technology, Blackline’s products enable real-time tracking of people and assets. When needed, alerts are automatically generated and delivered through web, phone or email. Blackline’s leading safety monitoring products are used by companies with a mobile workforce such as industrial, construction, transportation, homecare, real estate and utilities—enabling workers’ safety and location to be constantly monitored. Law enforcement, government agency, and professional investigators use Blackline solutions for surveillance of targeted individuals, to monitor their driving activities and location. Companies also use Blackline products to monitor the security and location of their assets, either as the assets are being delivered or to prevent inventory loss. It is even used to allow surgical teams to track the shipment of a donated kidney, plus monitor its temperature and fluid circulation required to maximize kidney health during transport.
Company: Blackline GPS Corp.,, 34 employees, founded 2004, products sold worldwide, 50% exports, Early Growth Stage, publicly traded on TSX VENTURE as BLN, 101 1215 – 13th Street SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 3J4, 403.451.0327, 1.877.869.7211

Products: Real-time tracking of people and assets

Growth Strategies: Seek expansion opportunities including safety monitoring and covert & security solutions

Contact:Brendon Cook, CTO & Co-Founder,, 403.451.0327. More information in Successful Exits p. 92.


Protection from poor practices and bad habits in software development that could harm a business

Many large companies manage their business data using complex software from vendors like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. This software most often than not requires teams of developers to enhance aspects of the code to suit the company’s needs. Under pressure to deliver on time and budget, sometimes developers will take shortcuts to make things work—but this technical debt (future costs of today’s poor code) will come back to harm the business. To control this problem, CodeExcellence has developed an easy to use software solution that automatically and precisely pinpoints any deviation from best practices that will cause problems down the road. By pointing out issues as soon as they are introduced into the development process, programmers and managers can remove them early when it is cheapest and most convenient rather than waiting until customers complain. CodeExcellence is one of Canada’s Profit50 fastest growing companies with $758,000 revenue in 2011 and 284% growth in 3 years.

Company: CodeExcellence Inc.,, 7 employees, founded 2009, export sales just started, 30% exports, Early Growth Stage, investor/revenue/ grant funded, offices in Singapore, Ontario, India, headquarters: 3553 – 31 Street NW, Calgary, Alberta T2L 2K7, 403.875.0809
Product: Continuous code quality management
Growth Strategies: Seeking to expand market share globally
Contact: Roy Masrani, CEO & Co-Founder,, 403.875.080


Protection from poor practices and bad habits in software development that could harm a business

Planning work schedules is time consuming, and even more so when it includes shift work. eSchedule`s online easy-to-learn and use software makes this schedule planning and communication process significantly faster and simpler. eSchedule’s software is used by large organizations with heavy shift work scheduling demands such as healthcare, retail and hospitality. The software gives all employees access to schedules through the web anytime from anywhere so that they can switch or fill shifts without needing a call from management. Schedules always have real-time accuracy. The software allows for schedule creation by visible business rules and constraints, vacation tracking and scheduling by special needs such as traffic trends and patient loads.
Company: eSchedule Inc.,, 5 employees, founded 2005, Early Revenue Stage, 80% exports primarily to US, revenue/bootstrap funded, #200, 1212 – 9th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 0T1, 780.990.4142, 1.800.718.3754


Service: Web-accessible, cloud-based employee scheduling software
Growth Strategies: Seek more clients and partners with complementary products for international expansion


Contact: Cory, President and Co-Founder,, 1.800.276.5167



Easier and more efficient approach to product lifecycle management for manufacturers

What do global sports footwear and apparel industry manufacturersof global brands have in common? What you likely don’t know, is their product development is managed by workflow software from FAN PLM. Using this web-based software system, everyone involved in developing a new product can see the workflow and participate in the multi-time zone and multilingual communication from research and development in the US and Europe to manufacturing and even the shipping status in Asia. It also provides information on delivery to retailers and real-time sales. With this greater communication, transparency and easy access to information, FAN PLM has given product manufacturers a new level of control to their reliably, efficiency and profitably.
Company: FAN PLM Inc.,, 15 employees, founded 2012, Early Revenue Stage, 90% exportsprimary to US, operations in Europe, North America and Asia, investor/revenue funded, Suite 211, 9650-20 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T6N 1G1, 780.990.4142, 1.800.718.3754

Product: Web-based integrated task flow management for manufacturers
Growth Strategies: Seek more clients, international expansion and partners

Contact:Boris Djordjevic, CEO & Founder,, 780.990.4142

Group RFx

Revolutionizing the purchasing process to save significant time and effort

There is a lot of work involved for both buyers and suppliers when an organization asks potential suppliers to bid on products or services, which is called a request-for-proposal (RFP). The organization might pay a consultant to prepare the RFP and then spends time comparing proposals to select a supplier. The potential suppliers spend time preparing the proposals. Since RFPs are not standardized, each one is different and potential suppliers spend a lot of time filling out similar information instead of concentrating on specific questions that can make the difference. With its FREE software for buyers and suppliers that automates the purchasing process, Group RFx is revolutionizing the RFP process. Instead of spending $20,000 worth of time preparing a proposal, a supplier can have it ready at a fraction of their time. Group RFx makes the RFP and evaluation process faster and less costly for buyers as well. It even has RFP templates created by certified consultants available for sophisticated purchases.
Company: Group RFx Inc.,, 5 employees, founded 2010, 65% exports worldwide, Early Growth Stage, self/revenue funded,
1453 – 91 Street SW, Edmonton, Alberta T6X 0W8, 780.482.7200

Product: Electronic strategic sourcing infrastructure
Growth Strategies: Seek more users, consultants to the supply chain and purchasing consortiums
Contact:Dale Gregg, CTO & Founder,, 780.482.7200 or 512.900.2361. Dale is also a Co-Founder of ORMED p.37.


Video conference or call anyone in your LinkedIn network for free

With over 160 million users globally, LinkedIn has become the business person’s rolodex. Hookflash’s new technology enables you to have instant, FREE, real time, high definition voice and high definition (HD) video conversations, and do text messaging with people in your LinkedIn network without any connections to traditional phone networks. This means there is no more searching for contact details or paying expensive long distance and roaming fees. Hookflash for iPad is FREE to download on the Apple App store. Hookflash’s technology is based on its own new peer-to-peer communications technology Open Peer, which Hookflash has made available for developers, businesses and carriers to create their own communications applications.
Company: Hookflash Inc.,, 17 employees, founded 2010, Early Revenue Stage, Hookflash for iPad available FREE worldwide, Open Peer technology available Spring 2013, self/revenue funded, Suite 436, 3553 – 31 Street NW, Calgary, Alberta T2L 2K7, 403.615.6898

Product: Social mobile video conferencing
Growth Strategies: Seek more users and technology partnerships
Contact:Trent Johnsen, CEO & Co-Founder,, 403.615.6898


Making executing everyday contracts faster and easier

Most people think of “contracts” as big deals, like the sale of a house. In most businesses, these types of deals don’t happen that often, but there are lots of non-negotiated deals that need to be signed like sales agreements, job orders, waivers, leases and NDAs. These are the ones that take up time and paper. Inkdit wants to make it fast and easy for you to deal with these everyday business contracts. Using Inkdit, you send an email about the contract to the other party, they accept it and sign it electronically, then Inkdit encrypts the contract so no one can change it later and stores it in the cloud for easy access and shares it with the appropriate parties. Inkdit can also handle multiple signatures. It is free for individuals.

Company: Inkdit Corp.,, 3 employees, founded 2010, 35% exports worldwide, Early Growth Stage, bootstrap funded, Suite 221, 10113 – 104 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1A1, 780.441.3585

Product: Online contract management
Growth Strategies: Seek more clients and marketing partners
Contact:Gregg Oldring, President, CEO and Founder,, 780.441.3585


Modern software to help small service-based companies manage their operations

Many field service companies with 1 to 25 employees including painters, lawn maintenance companies, landscapers, maid services, renovators, snow removers, window cleaners and others struggle to run and grow their businesses without proper software support. Jobber’s web-based software tool solves many of the problems experienced by these businesses. Built using modern software technologies and ideas, companies using Jobber get help with contact management, job scheduling and tracking, task and calendar management, automated quoting, invoicing and time tracking. Jobber is also fully mobile, so employees and managers can access all of the functionality from their mobile phones or tablets in the field. Jobber starts at $29/month with a 30 day free trial that does not require a credit card.

Company: Jobber Inc.,, 5 employees, founded 2010, Early Growth Stage, 90% exports to US, EU and Australia, revenue/investor funded, #200, 10318 – 82 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 1Z8, 780.436.2822

Product: Web-based management software for field service companies
Growth Strategies: Customer base growth and more opportunities to expand globally
Contact:Sam Pillar, Co-Founder & CEO,, 780.436.2822

Kiribatu Labs

A world leader in better predictive models for insurance data

What are the characteristics of a person most likely to make an insurance claim? The better an insurance company can predict the answer to this question, the better they can predict their expected insurance claim costs and produce a more accurate insurance quote for the policyholder. While leading insurance companies have started to answer this question by analyzing their data with advanced analytical techniques to develop predictive models, the majority of insurers have not. With its machine learning technology, Kiribatu Labs has the technology to help all insurance companies make this transition and significantly impact their profitability. For example, in a pilot project with a prominent western Canadian property and casualty insurance company, Kiribatu was able to generate an 80% increase in the client’s underwriting profits—a direct addition to the client’s bottom line.

Company: Kiribatu Labs Ltd.,, 7 employees, founded 2009, Early Revenue Stage, product sold in Canada, no exports yet, self/revenue funded, 4217 Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4P6, 780.232.2634
Products: Analytics-based predictive risk assessments for property and casualty insurance data
Growth Strategies: Seek more clients around the world and access to insurance data sets
Contact:Pawel Brzeminski, CEO & Founder,, 780.232.2634

LTX Software

Enhance the design process of complex new products

Engineers use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools to create 3D models and drawings for new products. CAD focuses on helping engineers map out the mechanical parts of the product. But often the new product requires electrical wiring, such as headlights in a car that would need a wire to run to a power source and a control system. Some products can have hundreds or even thousands of wires! LTX develops an add-on application used inside CAD that lets engineers design the wiring system at the same time they design the mechanical components of the new product. This gives engineers a way to leave room in the mechanical design for wires and to specify the type of connectors needed. Since it allows all designers to see the complete design of the new product as well as people in manufacturing and later by maintenance, it is a communication tool that can also speed up the time to market and identifying errors early in the process, all of which saves money. LTX is used in the aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, and consumer electronics industries.

Company: LTX Software Inc.,, 5 employees, founded 1993, High Growth Stage, Stage, 99% exports worldwide, revenue funded, Suite A, 1700 Varsity Estates Dr., Calgary, Alberta T3B 2W9, 403.247.8994
Product: Electrical and mechanical design integration solutions
Growth Strategies: Seek more partners for new product development process innovation
Contact:Keith Anderson, President & Co-Founder,, 403.247.8994. Previously Keith worked at the Successful Exit NovAtel (p.94).


Simple communication, sharing and collaboration tool for groups

Minigroup lets you put all the files and online conversations revolving around a group in one place so everyone in the group can see, add and comment on the files and add new comments and ideas. This helps keep the focus on what the group is thinking and helps the synergy of social collaboration go much further than if the same information is scattered in your inbox and folders on your hard drives. File sharing between group members is done with a blog interface and for capturing commentary from all group members. Combined together, Minigroup is a social collaboration and sharing tool. It is designed to be very simple to learn and easy to use. It can be used for personal groups, businesses, and non-profits. All content on Minigroup is secure and private. Pricing starts at $3 per year.

Company: Minigroup Inc., www., 4-8 employees, founded 2010, Early Revenue Stage, 46% exports around the world. revenue/investor funded, Suite 400, 119 14th St. NW, Calgary, Alberta T2N 1Z6, 403.450.4131

Products: Tool for groups to share, communicate and collaborate

Growth Strategies: Seek more users and investors

Contact:Ghyslaine Leroy, Marketing,, 403.450.4131. Several co-founders and employees are from the Successful Exit Veer (p.97)

PPM 2000

Global leader in end to end incident management for corporate security

Larger organizations, including multi-nationals, hospitals and universities, have corporate security departments for the physical protection of their employees, resources and property. When an incident such as workplace violence or theft happens, there is a whole string of activities that follow. PPM 2000 developed the world’s first software system to help security department’s manage incident information across their organization. These activities include collecting all the data needed to prepare a report of the incident (who, what, when and where) and to conduct follow up investigations. From there, PPM 2000’s software helps the organization see trends and insights into incidents and losses that help them be more proactive in preventing similar events and provide a built-in defense against accusations of negligence or inadequate security. Today, PPM 2000’s software is used by thousands of organizations, across all industries and including many of the Fortune 500.

Company: PPM 2000 Inc.,, 55 employees, founded 1988, High Growth Stage, 80% exports primarily to US, revenue funded, Suite 1307, 10088-102 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2Z1, 780.448.0616, 1.888.776.9776

Products: Tool for incident management, corporate security and loss prevention
Growth Strategies: Seek more international clients and technology partners
Contact:Elaine O’Sullivan, President & Co-CEO,, 780.448.0616


Market leader in providing hassle-free time and expense management

Typically employees do not record how they spent their day. When they do complete a timesheet, they need to recall how they spent their time for a whole week or longer. It becomes a big burden that leaves lots of room for error. With Replicon’s flagship timesheet product, an employee receives an email near the end of the work day asking for the clients and projects they spent their time on. It takes only a few minutes to complete. This gives companies much better visibility into a project’s cost and time, insight that allows them to better achieve their financial goals. In addition to making it easier to control projects, it also makes billing clients more accurate and faster. Replicon has created products to make it easier to do expense reimbursement and timeoff scheduling as well and also has a cloud-based punch clock integrating with its attendance software. Replicon has more than 1.5 million users worldwide from small to very large companies such as HP, Ernst & Young, Shell, Ferrari and Amazon. 95% of its customers find them via the Internet. Its 2011 revenue was $20.4 million, up 25% from 2010.

Company: Replicon Inc.,, 320 employees (80 in Calgary, 200 in India), founded 1996, products sold worldwide, 80+% exports worldwide, Market Leader, revenue funded, offices in Silicon Valley, Toronto and India, Canadian Headquarters: Suite 800, 910 – 7th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 3N8, 403.262.6519, 1.877.662.2519

Products: Cloud-based time tracking software

Growth Strategies: Seek more clients

Contact:Lakshmi Raj, Co-CEO & Co-Founder,, 403.262.6519


Global leader in stock plan administration

Having stock option and stock purchase plans can be complicated. Companies that offer equity compensation
(e.g. stock options) to their staff need to jump over many regulatory hurdles. All companies must comply with securities and tax laws, while public companies must disclose equity compensation in their financial reporting. Travelling employees pose another challenge, because many countries demand a share of the taxes on equity compensation. Solium makes this work easier for CFOs. Through their range of web-based software and value-added service, Solium offers solutions for any stage of a company’s growth. Solium enables companies to track and report their equity plan data, while allowing their employees to transact online in real time. Solium’s revenue in fiscal year 2011 was $46 million, up 71% from 2010. It has more than 2,800 clients that have employees in more than 80 countries.

Company: Solium Capital Inc.,, 300 employees worldwide, founded 1999, Market Leader, 50% exports worldwide, publicly traded on TSX:SUM, regional offices in Toronto, Montreal, London UK, Arizona US, Connecticut US, Headquarters: Suite 1500, 800 6th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 3G3, 403.515.3910, 1.877.380.7793
Service: Cloud-enabled stock plan administration technology and services
Growth Strategies: Grow business globally, seek strategic partners
Contact: Scott Valentine, VP Marketing & Communications,, 403.450.6033


World leader in app interface and content integration for mobile operators, brands and enterprises

Wmode makes it easy for mobile operators (aka cell phone carriers) to deliver the latest wireless internet media and apps to their subscribers’ mobile phones. Through Wmode’s scalable, reliable and secure delivery platform, mobile operators have access to a wide range of content from apps and games to ringtones and wallpapers from a large variety of content providers. This enhanced user experience significantly increases subscribers’ satisfaction with their phone and produces an increase in new service adoption and plan renewals which directly impacts a mobile operator’s revenue and profits. On the backend, Wmode provides subscriber management, billing and analytics-based marketing support to create marketing campaigns for mobile operators with new and popular content. Wmode also has a San Francisco based subsidiary called AppCarousel that bring apps and content to smart TV’s and other connected devices in a dynamic and brand-focused way that’s both relevant to consumers and content providers. Wmode also distributes Velocity software from Calgary-based Kryos that provides enterprise customers with the ability to rapidly mobilize information from enterprise-based software systems onto smartphones and tablets.
Company: Wmode Inc.,, 66 employees, founded 2000, Market Leader, 80% exports primarily to the US, revenue/investor funded, offices in Toronto, San Francisco, and Bern Switzerland, Headquarters: 3553 – 31 Street NW, Calgary, Alberta T2L 2K7, 403.260.8690, 1.866.366.0663

Products: Mobile content distribution and integration
Growth Strategies:Seek more partnerships: content providers, mobile carriers, brands, enterprises
Contact:Emanuel (Bert) Bertolin, CEO,, 403.260.8690


Leader in bringing high speed internet to rural towns the neutral way

Axia changed the way telecommunications companies and service providers offered high speed internet services to rural towns. Before Axia, a company had to pay for the fibre infrastructure to be built from a city to the rural town, and because this was expensive many towns did not have high speed Internet services. Axia’s innovation was to partner with the government: The government paid to build the fibre infrastructure to the rural towns, and Axia became the neutral vender that managed the infrastructure and sold bandwidth at a wholesale price to any service provider. This model ensures that all service providers, large and small, pay the same price for bandwidth. Axia also ensures that the bandwidth is not shared, so that each service provider has reliable access. As a result, the government now has high speed Internet access to all its offices, schools, health centres, libraries and courts, independent of a single provider, and rural consumers have more choice in service providers. Axia’s fiscal year 2012 revenue was $72.8 million.
Company: Axia NetMedia Corporation,, 150 employees, founded 1995, Early Revenue Startup, 35% exports, doing business in several other countries, new projects in Massachusetts, Spain and Singapore soon to be operational, publicly traded on TSE:AXX, offices and installations in US, EU, Singapore, Headquarters: Suite 3300, 450-1st Street SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 5H1, 403.538.4000, 866.773.3348

Service: Wholesale bandwidth with neutral management of infrastructure

Growth Strategies: Seek more international partnerships to establish similar services

Contact:Murray Sigler, President, Axia North America,, 403.538.4000


CoolIT Systems

World leader in direct contact liquid cooling for desktop computers, servers and data centres

When computers heat up, their processing speed slows down. Today’s IT demands are pushing traditional air cooling to its limits and as processing demands increase, this solution is no longer enough. CoolIT’s direct contact liquid cooling technology cools electronics significantly faster than air. This is similar to how liquid cooling works in car radiators and takes advantage of the fact that water absorbs heat 3,500 faster. In addition to being much more efficient, CoolIT’s products also make financial as well as environmental sense. Reducing the reliance on air cooling, which includes computer room air conditioning units, can reduce the power required to operate the same number of servers by up to 50%. World leading high performance computer companies such as MAINGEAR and CIARA are also integrating CoolIT technology into their desktop computers and servers. Consumers can purchase CoolIT products directly under the brand name Corsair, a leader in high performance components for PC gaming.

Company: CoolIT Systems Inc.,, 28 employees, founded 2001, 95% exports, products sold worldwide, Market Leader, revenue/investor/grant funded, 3920 – 29 Street NE, Calgary, Alberta T1Y 6B6, 403.235.4895, 1.866.621.2665

Product: High performance liquid cooling for desktop computers, servers and data centres
Growth Strategies: Seek more clients, partners and investors

Contact: Geoff Lyon, CEO & CTO,, 403.235.4895


Innovation leader in disaster recovery and reducing IT downtime

Currently in large companies, if the main computer systems fail, the typical disaster recovery plan is to re-launch IT services on identical standby computers in a dedicated remote recovery site. Having this extra IT infrastructure ready to go at a moment’s notice is very costly but has been seen as a necessity, until now. Datagardens offers a new solution that revolutionizes the whole cost structure of data centre protection. Its technology creates a secure replica data centre in the cloud that only gets fired up if the company actually needs it. In other words, DataGardens’ software allows companies to switch their internal private data centres into a shared public cloud without compromising IT security. Using DataGardens’ software, companies can restore full data centre operations in the cloud within a few minutes while paying no more than they would for off-site tape backup, from which it would take days to recover. In addition to drastically reducing costs and downtime, DataGardens software also provides a much richer set of data centre protection services than competitive products.
Company: DataGardens Inc.,, 7 employees, founded 2007, Early Revenue Stage, 35% exports to US, EU and Asia, revenue/investor funded, 14956 – 121A Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5V 1A3, 780.784.5004

Product: Data disaster recovery as a service from the public cloud
Growth Strategies: Seek more clients, partners offering cloud storage services, and investors
Contact:Geoff Hayward, CEO & Founder,, 780.784.5004


Crowd-sourced mobile quality assurance testing

Mobile apps and websites can look and run differently on the countless devices, operating systems and networks, and mobile software development teams are overwhelmed with the nightmare associated with testing data-rich applications on different hardware and on different service networks around the world. Mob4Hire has developed an innovative new way to do this quality assurance. It enlists the help and devices of its mob of 60,000 mobile enthusiasts, making it the world’s largest mobile testing, usability and market research crowd-sourced community for on-demand real world testing. Mob4Hire’s clients include brands, mobile and tablet app developers, mobile market researchers, mobile advertisers and telecoms. In its first two years of operations, Mob4Hire completed 28,000 tester projects. Its new product, Mob4Hire Labs is the first automated on-demand crowd-device testing system, and SMS confirmation testing began in early 2013.
Company: Mob4Hire Inc.,, 10 employees and a mob of 60,000 testers, founded 2007, Early Growth Stage, 99% primarily to EU, US and Israel, revenue/investor funded, Suite 502, 3553 – 31st Street NW, Calgary, Alberta T2L 2K7, 403.797.8517

Service: Quality assurance solutions for mobile apps and websites
Growth Strategies: Seek more clients, strategic partnerships (to build out tools for additional labs) and investors
Contact: Laura Sullivan, President,, 403.797.8517


Experts at simple and quick big data moving to and from cloud storage

Normally passing large volumes of data with cloud service providers such as Box, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Amazon S3, and Google Drive is very difficult, time consuming and expensive for software developers to setup. Mover wants to do for data moving what FedEx did for shipping—create a one-stop, quick and easy-to-use system to get data files from point A to point B without having to sweat the details. It is off to a good start. Mover has created a software platform (Application programming interface (API)) that streamlines the data transfer process and has pre-negotiated all the transport. Mover will also allow developers to build their own tools for integration in their existing office backends and data management systems. As of end 2012, it has moved over 60 million files for clients.
Company: Mover,, 10 employees, founded 2012, Early Revenue Stage, 95% exports worldwide, investor/bootstrapped/revenue funded, #203, 10363-104 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1B9, 780.643.2371

Products & Services: Experts in moving files
Growth Strategies: Seek more clients (software developers), partners offering cloud storage services and investors
Contact:Co-Founders Eric Warnke, CEO, or Mark Fossen, CIO,, 780.643.2371


Fast and easy transformations of server-based software to web, cloud and mobile based apps

PureWeb has found the holy grail to one of the most daunting, resource intensive and expensive challenges software developers face: How to convert software (server, workstation or desktop) into web, cloud and mobile applications quickly and easily. Instead of taking years, PureWeb’s technology can produce these apps days (!), without sacrificing performance, responsiveness or functionality of the original server version! PureWeb has sorted out the data security issue as well. Initially developed and proven in healthcare with mega-size medical images, PureWeb gives the user only a virtual image of the data. The data stays on the server at all times and is never downloaded, giving the new apps a very small bandwidth footprint as well. Major clients of PureWeb’s products are gaming companies, healthcare centres, oil & gas companies, and the military for simulation-based training.

Company: PureWeb, a division of Calgary Scientific (p.29),, 80 employees, founded 2004, High Growth Stage, investor/revenue/grant funded, 95% exports worldwide, Suite 208, 1210 – 20 Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 1M8, 403.270.7159

Product: Software transformation into cloud ready, web-based and mobile apps
Growth Strategies: Seek new partnerships and more clients worldwide
Contact:Dan Pigat, Director of Product Management,,403.767.7959

Riva CRM Integration

Easy way to sync CRM and email systems

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps organizations manage interactions with customers and sales prospects. Sales reps and support staff use CRM software to track meetings, phone calls, tasks, email, sales opportunities and support cases to increase sales and improve customer service. Microsoft Outlook and mobile devices are also used to track this type of information, but keeping this information uploaded to the CRM and email systems so it all contains the latest data has been a challenge. Getting CRM and email systems in sync has involved the time-consuming task of installing Outlook plug-ins and mobile applications onto each employee’s computer and mobile devices. Riva’s technology makes this problem significantly easier. It requires only one software installation for a continuous and reliable sync of CRM and email systems across the whole organization. Riva’s clients are Fortune 500 companies, governments, and small to medium-sized businesses.
Company: Riva CRM Integration, a subsidiary of Omni Technology Solutions,, founded 1999, 20 employees, High Growth Stage, 95% exports worldwide, revenue funded, offices in Silicon Valley (US), Germany and Chile, Headquarters: #103, 10301 – 109 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 14N

Products: Sync solution for CRM and email systems
Growth Strategies: Seek more clients and partners deploying CRM systems
Contact:Aldo Zanoni, CEO & Co-Founder,, 408.675.5015 x 232


Global leader in cloud-managed desktop virtualization, green computing and saving lots of money

What if you could use a simple cloud-based webpage to manage all your desktops and get all the software you need for free (using Linux)? You would save the cost of employing computer specialists to manage and maintain your computers. What if you could replace all your PCs with a $99 device that gives you a full high-performance desktop experience but lasts for 8 years and consumes just 3W of power? You would save significant money in desktop hardware and greatly reduce electricity consumption and future electronic waste. This was the vision on which Userful Corporation was founded, and today it’s a reality, being used by millions of people daily in over 100 counties by companies, governments and schools of all sizes including Fortune 500 companies in North America. Userful’s technology works with devices and hardware from a range of vendors so clients can make their own equipment choices. Userful software also opens new opportunities in digital signage, kiosks and interactive touch displays, cloud computing, in-flight and in-room entertainment systems and casino gaming systems.

Company: Userful Corporation,, 45 employees, founded 1999, Early Revenue Stage, 90% exports to over 100 countries, revenue funded, regional offices in Victoria, US, India, Mexico, Israel, Headquarters: Suite 200, 709 – 11th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2R 0E3, 403.289.2177, 1.866.873.9126

Products: Software to replace computer hardware and computer staff
Growth Strategies: Seek more clients, resellers, partners and investors worldwide
Contact:Timothy Griffin, CTO & Founder,, 403.289.2177

Wedge Networks

Global innovation leader in fast and accurate network-level content security

Wedge Networks creates a plug-and-play software platform to protect networks in Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, telecoms and internet service providers (ISP) against malicious malware, spam and data leakage from the internet. Typical network level anti-malware software products are either slow or inaccurate. Wedge Networks’ innovative software platform is the first to achieve both high accuracy and high performance at the same time. Its deep content inspection technology can analyze all Internet content in real time, very accurately and with significantly faster processing time. This allows protection of endpoint devices as well such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops, without requiring cumbersome software to be installed on these devices. Another unique benefit of Wedge Network’s software platform is that it can work with any off-the-shelf hardware. Thus, as hardware technology gets faster and replaces the old, Wedge Networks gets faster too. Today, Wedge Networks protects over 1,000 networks in 14+ countries, enabling clean internet services for more than 12 million end users.
Company: Wedge Networks Inc.,, 50 employees, founded 2008, High Growth Stage, 85% exports worldwide, investor/revenue/grant funded, offices in California and China, Headquarters: 238, 3553-31 Street NW, Calgary, Alberta T2L 2K7, 403.276.5356, 1.888.276.5356

Products: Network content security to protect against viruses and other bad things on the Internet

Growth Strategies: Seek more clients, partners for integration on software platforms, and investors

Contact:Dr. Hongwen Zhang, CEO & Co-Founder,, 403.276.5356. Hongwen was Co-Founder of the Successful Exit Servidium (p.99).