About Cool Companies Incorporated

Since our beginning in 2004, Cool Companies Incorporated has been focused on discovering new and innovative insights that help business people improve their decision making power related to innovation, entrepreneurship and business development. Based on this focus, we offer three unique services and products:

1. Commercialization strategic support services

Cool Companies is a customer-focused company that loves high tech products. We have expertise, experience and demonstrated talent on the customer-side of new product development and commercialization. Cool Companies will partner with product-focused companies to help them develop and commercialize their new high tech products. Our focus would be on customers and strategy. Details.

2. Entrepreneurship and business growth research services

With thousands of conversations about company growth with Canadian entrepreneurs from startup to 500 employees, Cool Companies has developed a real understanding of how small and medium sized businesses in Canada’s high tech business THINK and what they NEED to GROW to the next level. Leveraging this unique perspective, Cool Companies will perform research studies on behalf of a client to find out what small and medium businesses think on particular issues. This research would be based on direct interviews with this audience.

3. Cool Companies industry guides

Cool Companies industry guides captures some of the most innovative companies pioneering their own space in the advanced technology industry in Alberta, Canada. These are the calibre of companies that make you think, “Wow….Cool.” Details.